How To Deposit Money In SBI Bank

How To Deposit Money In SBI Bank Step By Step

Deposit the money in a bank is important because a bank facilitates the users to withdraw or deposit the cash in the user’s bank account. If you don’t know how to deposit money in SBI Bank then in this article we will discuss with you step by step to deposit the money.

There are three different ways to deposit the money in savings the account.

1: Visit Home Branch

The first way to deposit cash in SBI bank is directly going to your Home branch of SBI. The office in which you opened the bank account. They will give you deposit slip you have to write the amount and signature and submit the fall to the bank manager. You need to bring cashbook to your home branch.

2: Cash Deposit Machines

There are many cash deposit machines with ATM. SBI is one of these largest banks through which you can easily deposit amount. In the bank, you don’t need to stand in long queues. Moreover, you can deposit the money in the bank with a few buttons. These are CDM which are installed with the ATM to withdraw or deposit the payment at the same time.

Note: It is not necessary to bring ATM for CDM bring the account number and mobile number.

  • Go to CDM Machine.
  • Press Cash Deposit
  • Enter Amount
  • Enter a Mobile name and Account number in which you want to deposit the cash.

3: Deposit Money Through Green Card

For this method, you need to take a debit card. First of all, you need to bring the card to nearest any SBI branch. There will PoS machine at the earning. Moreover, You need to Swipe your card as deposit cash enter the amount and submit a payment. It will easily deposit money in SBI bank.
On the other hand, You have to submit the cash to the Assistant present at the counter.
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