SBI Foreign Travel Card – Review Features Eligibility Criteria

State Bank of India Forex card is also known as a travel card. With the help of these cards, it makes your travel better and more convenient. You can go anywhere in the world with your forex card that will facilitate you to withdraw and receive the money from India to any other country. SBI Forex card 2019 is accessible for you to take the cash to any other corner of the world.

SBI Foreign Travel Card Review

  • This card is also issue with Visa International.
  • Around 2 million ATMs are available which accepts the SBI travel card or forex card.
  • Euro, Japanese, Australian, Saudi Riyal, Singapore dollar, and many other countries are here which accept the payment from forex card.
  • On the other hand, You can get the SBI forex card at more than 1100+ branches of SBI.

Features of Forex Card

  • The minimum 200USD amount in the card and 750/SGD 250.
  • Exchange rates are readily available.
  • If your card misplaced anywhere 24/7 call center to give you information regarding any problem.
  • For each transaction, SMS and email alerts as well as you can use the card for an online transaction.
  • You can use the card for online exchange (online internet banking). Approval through VBV and utilization of CVV2 has been made compulsory in SBI Banking System for performing internet business exchange. Moreover, Giving more security to your online banking is essential.

Eligibility Criteria For SBI Forex Card

  • First, Excluding Nepal and Bhutan, any citizen of India who wants to travel to another country is eligible for this card.
  • Available for the employees who want to send them for official purposes or KYC Norms.
  • Students who want to go for higher studies are eligible to go abroad.

What do you need to provide?

  • You need a copy of your passport.
  • Submit SBFTC & Form A2.
  • Residence Proof and address on passport and current address.

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