SBI Corporate Credit Card With Features, Service, Membership And Insurance

SBI also was known as state bank of India, and it is one of the most massive government, its headquarters is present in Mumbai. In overall India, total ATM is 60,000 and 24000 branches. Generally, the bank has 24/7 hour service you can talk with them on call and solve your any issues regarding ATM, Bank transaction, sending and receiving money issues they will solve your problem at any time. For any discussion, you can call their toll free number from anywhere in India.

SBI Corporate cards are usually for the business requirements. Many businessmen in India or all overall the World use this SBI Corporate card 2019. There are many advantages of using SBI Corporate card in which travel to around the world is one of these advantages. Here we are going to discuss the latest 4 SBI Corporate features.

SBI Corporate Card Features:

There are many general features of Corporate card but here are the four those features which are essential for everyone who wants to travel or are using these corporate cards.

1: Priority Servicing

With the usage of SBI Corporate card, you can get the many servicing for the SBI card products. With priority servicing, you can connect with us through many platforms includes email, fax, phone number, company number, SMS, website login and many more.

2: Priority Pass Membership

SBI now provides the complimentary membership in cheap rates for those clients who are using the SBI Corporate card and know the exact SBI corporate card features.

Membership of Complimentary is just available in $99. Moreover, you will get the access to more than 600 airports all around the world internationally.

3: Insurance

You will get more than one crore of insurance for your employees to travel to different international countries. Complimentary insurance will benefit for your employees as well as give the rank of your company at the international level. So go ahead and get the SBI Corporate card. This offer is limited for the corporate cardholders.

4: Concierge Service

Concierge service is available which your employees and you will enjoy more advanced customer support and services. You can also reserve a hotel, cars, airlines, and much more.

Final Word

SBI Corporate card is accepted by more than 38 million outlets globally for users. If you have any question, do let us know in Comment Section We Are happy to reply you thanks.

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